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Are there some X-Path like expressions available for MARC that are less verbose than MARCXML-ish expressions:


or mere prose

  245 $a with ind2 is 0
  740 $a$h if ind2 is not 2

I'm writing some tools that need mapping rules that can be easily checked by metadata specialists and parsed by computers.

asked Feb 07 '12 at 01:02

hochstenbach's gravatar image


The SolrMarc IndexProperties are similar to what you are describing. It allows for statements like the following:

published_text = 260a
material_type_text = 300a
notes_text = 500a:505a
uniform_title_text = 240a:240b
uniform_title_display = 240a

You might also want to check out the marcspec Ruby library that Bill Dueber at the University of Michigan has put together.


answered Feb 09 '12 at 20:10

Ted's gravatar image


Thanks! Great to see all the little DSL-s popping up. We are trying to so something along the same lines in the Catmandu project.

(Feb 10 '12 at 01:06) hochstenbach

marcspec is pretty tied to marc4j4r at this point, which may or may not be a problem. I'd be interested in speccing out a simple 'marc-query' that could be implemented across all the major MARC libraries (Perl, Python, Ruby, Java), if folks are thinking about this sort of thing.


answered Feb 13 '12 at 11:15

BillDueber's gravatar image


I would be very interested in trying to work out some examples in Perl

(Feb 15 '12 at 10:36) hochstenbach

It's still in dev, but I'm working on a util for our Blacklight instance that has a config similar to, but different from, SolrMaRC. It is written in Python. https://github.com/pulibrary/MaRC2Solr


answered Mar 06 '13 at 07:59

jpstroop's gravatar image


Have you looked at pymarc? Its syntax is Pythonic -- that is, spare but expressive.


answered Jul 08 '13 at 15:11

Dorothea%20Salo's gravatar image

Dorothea Salo

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