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As of February 2015 Libcatcode is no longer accepting new questions. This site will stay up as the owner decides the next steps for preserving the content on the site. Thank you all for your support in the past three years!

Privacy policy

Respecting users privacy is an important core principle of this Q&A forum. Information on this page details how this forum protects your privacy, and what type of information is collected.

Site Visitors

Information on question views, revisions of questions and answers - both times and content are recorded for each user in order to correctly count number of views, maintain data integrity and report relevant updates.

Personal Information

Members of this community may choose to display personally identifiable information in their profiles. Forum will never display such information without a request from the user.

Other Services

None of the data that is not openly shown on the forum by the choice of the user is shared with any third party.


Forum software relies on the internet cookie technology to keep track of user sessions. Cookies must be enabled in your browser so that forum can work for you.

Policy Changes

These policies may be adjusted to improve protection of user's privacy. Whenever such changes occur, users will be notified via the internal messaging system.

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