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As of February 2015 Libcatcode is no longer accepting new questions. This site will stay up as the owner decides the next steps for preserving the content on the site. Thank you all for your support in the past three years!


One day, a cataloger and a coder bumped into each other, leading into the following exchange of words:

Cataloger: You got your code in my metadata!

Coder: And you got your metadata in my code!

And, thus, Libcatcode was born...

... okay, so maybe it didn't happen that way.

There has been multiple strands of conversation going on for some time now about cataloging/coding integration and dialogue. After the November 2011 DLF some folks suggested having some sort of forum, like a Q&A site to facilitate the ongoing conversation. Fast forward to January 2012, where #catcode took off with over 100 people signing up in a couple of days. Again, the Q&A idea popped up again.

Here we can now say "and, thus, Libcatcode was born..."

So how does the Libcatcode Q&A site work?

Here you can ask and answer questions, comment and vote for the questions of others and their answers. Both questions and answers can be revised and improved. Questions can be tagged with the relevant keywords to simplify future access and organize the accumulated material.

Libcatcode is moderated by its members, hopefully - including yourself! Moderation rights are gradually assigned to the site users based on the accumulated "karma" points. These points are added to the users account when others vote for his/her questions or answers. These points (very) roughly reflect the level of trust of the community.

No points are necessary to ask or answer the questions - so please - join us!

If you would like to find out more about this site - please see the frequently asked questions page.

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